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Issue 10734002: add aarch64 support to minidump-2-core

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6 years ago by vapier
6 years ago
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add aarch64 support to minidump-2-core

The thread info expects the struct names as they expect in asm/ptrace.h,
but the header doesn't include that, it includes sys/user.h.  Rename the
reg structs to match that header.

Rename the elf_siginfo to _elf_siginfo to avoid conflicting with the one
in the sys/procfs.h.  It is only used locally in one place, so we don't
need to update any callers.

Otherwise, drop in aarch64 support into the minidump-2-core file.


Patch Set 1 #

Patch Set 2 : #

Unified diffs Side-by-side diffs Delta from patch set Stats Patch
M src/client/linux/dump_writer_common/thread_info.h View 1 1 chunk +3 lines, -3 lines 0 comments Download
M src/tools/linux/md2core/minidump-2-core.cc View 5 chunks +30 lines, -3 lines 0 comments Download


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6 years ago #1
Ben Chan
+1 On Fri, Apr 17, 2015 at 10:07 PM, <vapier@chromium.org> wrote: > Reviewers: Ben Chan, ...
6 years ago #2
Ted Mielczarek
One of these days someone is going to break down and fix minidump2core to work ...
6 years ago #3
6 years ago #4
i don't have any more plans for big work on breakpad what with crashpad coming
down the pike
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