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Issue 536002: Allow building symbol dumping without STABS support (Closed)

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7 years, 5 months ago by Ted Mielczarek
7 years, 5 months ago


We're building this code on Android now, and the NDK doesn't have any of the
STABS headers. It'd be easier to just skip STABS support. I thought about adding
a --disable-stabs configure argument, but I wasn't sure it was particularly

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Ted Mielczarek
7 years, 5 months ago #1
Lei Zhang (chromium)
Mark may have an opinion on whether we want to have --disable-stabs. In which case, ...
7 years, 5 months ago #2
Mark Mentovai
7 years, 5 months ago #3
I don’t really care if there’s a configure argument for this. If anyone ever
needs it, they can add it. LGTM.
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